September 26, 2021

Broken family adversely affects children’s mental health: Study

Horizontal image of a couple pointing a finger on each other

The quarrels among the couples are a usual phenomenon. It is commonly seen in the nuclear families where there is no one to act as a mediator or as an adviser. Most of those indulging in the act of quarrel do not know what is this doing to their families.

A new study has discovered that the frequent quarrels in the family adversely affect the children’s health.

The study has confirmed that most of the children coming from the broken families will experience some kind of mental shock or mental difficulty in some point of their life if their concerns and difficulties are not addressed at the right time.

Most of the time, the couples indulge in quarrels for silly reasons. If you have a sincere interest, this can be easily avoided by the intelligent act of ‘keeping the mouth shut’.

Suppose you come to home after a hard day work, without knowing that your partner shouts at you for not bringing a flower. What will you do? In a normal situation, you will bark at him/her with all your power.

Anyway, next time, when you confront such a situation, try to use the trick of keeping the mouth shut.

See the difference yourself.


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