May 30, 2024
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Boy Seen with Brother’s Body on Madhya Pradesh Road; Probe Ordered

In Madhya Pradesh, an eight-year-old boy spent a few hours carrying the body of his younger brother in his lap as his father searched for an ambulance to take the youngster home. The event sparked outrage, with people accusing the government of being “insensitive.”

The Madhya Pradesh government has requested an investigation into the event, which happened on Sunday, and has served a show-cause notice on the civil surgeon of the Morena district hospital, according to state Home Minister Narottam Mishra.

The incident happened outside the Morena district hospital, which is roughly 30 miles from the family’s home in the village of Badfara. A video of the incident quickly became popular on social media. Later, numerous social media users shared the video and criticised the government for being “insensitive” in their comments.

The youngster could be seen in the video sitting next to his covered brother’s body, who died at the hospital while receiving treatment, along the district hospital’s perimeter wall.

In response to a referral from a hospital in the district’s Ambah town, Pujaram Jatav, a resident of Badfara village, brought his two-year-old son Raja on Sunday morning via ambulance, according to Morena District Hospital’s resident medical officer Surendra Gurjar.

The ambulance left them at the district hospital and headed back to Ambah, but the toddler passed away on Sunday afternoon while receiving treatment for anaemia and other illnesses, according to him.

When the youngster died, his father Jatav asked a few hospital employees for an ambulance, but the car wasn’t accessible at the moment, the official said.

The child’s body was later delivered to Jatav’s house by a police car, the man claimed. Sources claim that when Jatav left the body with him and proceeded to call an ambulance, the victim’s older brother was seen on camera.

According to Mishra, the state government has mandated an investigation into the incident.

“The civil surgeon of Morena District Hospital has received a show-cause notice. The CEO of the district panchayat has been instructed to look into the matter and provide a report by Monday night. Additionally, financial support is given to the grieving family “The state government’s spokesperson, Mr. Mishra, informed reporters in Bhopal.

When the infant was brought to the Morena district hospital, he claimed it was in very bad shape. After the youngster was pronounced dead by the physicians, his father reportedly proceeded to visit with other family members while giving the body to his other son.

The minister declared that “the state government has taken the situation extremely seriously.”
Kamal Nath, the head of the Madhya Pradesh Congress, also expressed sorrow over the occurrence and claimed that thanks to the help of some villagers, a vehicle was organised to transport the body.

In Morena, a picture of an innocent 8-year-old boy sitting in the hospital with his brother’s 2-year-old body was captured. According to a statement from Mr. Nath, his father Pujaram Jatav pleaded repeatedly for an ambulance to transport his son’s body to their hamlet but was unable to do so for hours.

Mr. Nath argued that these occurrences were frequent in MP and urged Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to improve the state’s medical infrastructure and increase system sensitivity to prevent further occurrences.

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