October 3, 2023
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Bottle Thrown At Singer Kailash Kher During Karnataka Show

At a concert on Sunday in Hampi, Karnataka, the singer Kailash Kher received jeers purportedly for not singing any Kannada songs. Police reported that during the Hampi Utsav’s closing ceremony, the singer received a bottle hurled at him by the crowd that was upset with him for performing exclusively Hindi songs.

According to the police, two locals, Pradeep, 22, and Surah, 21, were detained in this respect, and their statements have been recorded.

The bottle flew towards Mr. Kher as he was performing but almost missed and landed on the stage behind him. The singer carries on with his performance unfazed by this. An official was spotted taking the half-filled water bottle off the stage a little while later.

The Karnataka government hosts the three-day Hampi Utsav every year to honour the legacy of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire. It started last Friday.

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