July 23, 2024
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Bollywood leading ladies should come out of the shadows of men: Shobha De

According to novelist and writer Shobha De, who spoke on Sunday at the Deccan Literature Festival, the leading females of Bollywood should emerge from behind the men and start their own girls’ club in the business.

“Why do they play second fiddle to the boys? Get your own table. Don’t join theirs. Among the female stars, I think Deepika Padukone has the power to take the lead. In directors, there are women like Gauri Shinde. (But) People will not back filmmakers like her. They will give money to a disaster like Brahmastra. They will not have the same chance which an Ayan Mukherjee does,” said the author.

On her love-hate relationship with Bollywood, she said, “There are double standards everywhere, the cosy club exists. Why did the Me too movement collapse? Why is Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss house?”

De claimed that the Hindi film industry had become trivialised and demonised. It is among the most significant subcultures of the present. By treating it this way, we are harming it. Even if the lyrics or plot are absurd, the movies say something about our society as a whole.

She commented on the Delhi murder case by stating that it brought to mind the breakup of Indian families. “Her father hadn’t spoken to her in months… Simply put, there will be more of these cases if we continue to judge our children, De stated.

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