August 5, 2021

Bold and beautiful; Interview with Miss South India Meera Mitun


  1. Tell us about your work in film industry.

Just like my modelling career, my path into the film industry was also an accident. It wasn’t something I dreamt of, but then many offers came and I was told that my acting was natural and that potential is there. I enjoyed my work in film and am very excited to be part of this industry. I am always excited to do new things and to have different experiences. Just waiting for the right script and a memorable role to do.

  1. Do you plan on doing any social work? Are you interested in social issues and related causes?

My father is a social worker. I grew up watching him help and be part of many activities. Therefore, I am interested to do something for the society and to be the change that we wish to see. Social work is important and it is not just about helping directly, it is also about creating awareness and get more attention to that issue.

  1. Fashion industry in general does not have a good vibe in the eyes of the society. Was that a challenge for you when you entered the industry? How did you see that?

It is true. That one of my major concerns before I joined the industry. I feared the negative perception associated with the fashion industry. But then, I am interested in this industry and am passionate about my work. The best thing to do is to identify what is right and follow the right intuition.

  1. What are the major challenges? How do you handle them?

I tried so many things, from dancing, to science, modelling, acting… I had lots of fun modelling and at the same time, was aware of the things that matters like hard work, dedication and giving 100%. Following the etiquette of the industry from appearance, attitude to final show is absolutely essential. In spite of being on stage or ramp several times, I still get the adrenaline rush. Which is in a way good, so I will make sure that I don’t make any big mistake and to give the best performance I could. Everything else is left to the audience and ultimately, god.




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