August 3, 2021

Bold and beautiful; Interview with Miss South India Meera Mitun

meera mitun

Chennai based beauty Meera Mitun’s is crowned Parfum monde Dubai Confident group Miss South India for the year 2016. A very good student in her academics, Meera pursued biotechnology course. Then, she left the field to become a model after encountering a fashion choreographer. Winning Miss South India beauty pageant added sparks of confidence in the elegant beauty’s mind. Meera Mitun talks about her journey in modelling world and about her experiences in the beauty pageant.

  1. You are a biotechnologist turned model and you have worked on many platforms. What made you change into this profession?

I was a very nerdy girl in class, I worked for a while in biotechnology field. The modelling profession happened like an accident because I never aspired to be one initially. I met fashion choreographer Ganesh Guru who said that the potential  is there in me to be in that field. I did not accept that immediately of course, but then after some talks, he convinced me to take my first assignment and I did it for fun. I had a great time taking pictures, modelling and all. Then, phone calls came from various sections and eventually, I found my passion in that field.

  1. Tell us about your experience working in an international brand like Kingfisher.

It was a fabulous experience, and major breakthrough in my career. I entered this industry by accident but then sense of epiphany struck me. It felt like this is where I belong, my unrealized potential. It became my profession and kingfisher happened through a phone call. They said I have unique appearance. They liked my dusky skin tone, my height, walking style and all. It was motivating to know that too. It was a huge break for me because I got the opportunity to walk on ramp with senior and experienced models from all over, to mingle with them and to get to know the field better. It was the next step and a huge stepping stone in my career.

  1. Who is your role model in fashion industry?

Well, when I entered this industry I was unaware since my background was science. However, I have a specific liking to Angelina Jolie. She is elegant, beautiful and did many awesome work in films and humanitarian causes.




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