August 15, 2022

‘Blink To Speak’ eye languages assistive for People Suffering from Paralysis by TBWA India


To the millions of people with partial paralysis, ALS, Brain strokes, MNDs, spinal cord injuries finding trouble to communicate, here is a happy news. TBWA India has founded ‘Blink To Speak’. people with paralysis who have an alert mind be benefited with this eye language.
Presently in the market, there are alternative methods of communication tools available but it’s not affordable for most.The battle against this simple act of communication has been relieved for many now.
It is the eye moment of the patient that communicate. Blink To Speak has 50 basic eye moments created to build a comprehensive eye language. Simple message commonly the patients have to communicate have been assigned to the basic combinations.
The eye actions are practiced as eight alphabets for this eye language, like Shut, Blink, Left, Right, Up, Down, Roll and Wink.
The developers believe within two to three months the patient can learn to depend on the health condition.

This affordable and practical assistive tool will be a great hope for the patients and their caregivers.


Dhanya Ravi

Photo Courtesy : Google/ images are subject to copyright



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