May 26, 2024
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BJP lawmakers demand reinvestigation into Bofors scandal

The BJP lawmakers, who are the members of the defence matters committee constituted under the Public Accounts Committee, has demanded a reinvestigation into the Bofors scandal, which is one of the most controversial political scandals ever happened in India. It is learned that the issue regarding the scandal, which had seriously tainted the image of the Congress party in the 1980s, has resurfaced when the defence matters committee has re-examined the old CAG report, which was tabled in the parliament in the same decade. As per the report, the Central Bureau of Investigation is not in favour of the lawmaker’s opinion to reinvestigate the case. Media report says that the CBI has an opinion that there is nothing new to investigate in this matter. Though the CBI authorities have sought a legal advice over this issue, it is not likely to select the reinvestigation over the court battle as it believes that a strong court battle is needed on the issue. Earlier, during the 2000s, inviting serious criticism, the CBI did not proceed to the Supreme Court, when the Delhi High Court quashed the case against the prime culprits of the scandal. While describing the incident before the sub-committee, the CBI has informed them that it was denied permission to proceed to the SC with an appeal against the Delhi HC order in the 2000s. According to the report, some committee members have observed that the investigation done by the agency had numerous flaws. The Bofors scandal is a huge scandal related to the purchase of the Swedish guns.


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