September 26, 2022
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BJP gears up to retain Jharkhand

In a bid to win the heart of the people of Jharkhand, the union government led by the BJP has withdrawn the amendments it made to the Forest Rights Act.

The move has come at the time the BJP has been trapped at the receiving end of the ire generated against the amendments.

The saffron party, it seems, was worried about the growing sentiment against the amendments among the tribal people of the state.

Many experts see the withdrawal of the amendments as an effort to cool down the tribal population of the state, which makes a considerable part of the total population of the state.

Jharkhand is a state which has around 22 reserved seats. Moreover, of the total 81 seats, in at least 25 seats, the tribal population have a clear say, as the population constitutes nearly 27 per cent of the total electorate.

Jharkhand is a young state. The BJP has a good base in the state. Since the formation of the state, not any time it has ditched the saffron’s hands.

This time, the things are not that comfortable. The proposed amendments already made enough damage by the time it has been withdrawn.

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