September 18, 2021
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BJP confident about winning RS Deputy Speaker post


With the scattered opposition showing no sign of coming up with a single candidate against the saffron party in the upcoming Rajya Sabha election, the BJP is very confident about the victory of its candidate in the election.

The rightist party has already directed the concerned to fill all the four vacant Upper House seats with pro-rightist members. Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit and former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev are likely to receive seats in the RS.

So far, the BJP has not even given a single clue on who will be the RS Deputy Speaker candidiate of the saffron party. A source says that the rightist party usually declares its candidate at the last moment. He adds that there would be no difference in this time also.

Though the BJP is extremely confident about its victory, the ground reality is not favourable for the ruling party which have no clear majority in the Upper House. The BJP has recently lost a powerful partner with its break up with the TDP, reducing its strength in the RS. Even though the BJP is trying to fill the vacuum created by the TDP with the help of its new ally JD (U), it is less likely to make any concrete impact on the ground.

Actually, the parties which follow the tactical policy of equidistance from both the opposition and ruling are those which are the only forces powerful enough to decide the future of the house. The BJD, YSR Congress and TRS are the three prime parties which come under the aforesaid category.

It is important that the opposition should file a candidate equally acceptable to all the opposition parties. If they fail to reach such a candidate, the rightists will defiantly achieve an easy victory. So, the upcoming RS election is a real test for the opposition.

Who should be the opposition candidate?   


Vignesh. S. G

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