December 6, 2021
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Big Battle in Bhopal

In Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is where the most serious political battle takes place this time. In that constituency, both BJP candidate and Congress candidate are extremely powerful. The BJP’s candidate for the constituency is Pragya Singh Thakur. And, her opponent is Digvijaya Singh. Both political parties consider this battle as a prestigious one.

In the recent assembly election, the Congress wristed the power of the state with the help of a slight majority it achieved. Importantly, though the BJP ruled the state for almost a decade, no serious reduction occurred in its vote base. That fact made the victory less cheerful.

It is not just a political battle this time. There is a strong angle beyond that. For the Congress veteran, it is an opportunity to prove his political capability –for the last few years, his political acceptability has been consistently moving downwards. Meanwhile, for the saffron lady, it is a battle for survival – she is at present stuck in a bomb blast case.

Recently, while interacting with the media personals, the BJP candidate has explained in details how badly she was treated while in the official custody in connection with the blast case. That is the clear indication on towards what the saffron leader intends to take the narrative in this election.

Can the centre-leftist candidate surmount the aggressive campaign launched by the powerful Hindu nationalist leader?

Vignesh. S. G
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