June 28, 2022

‘Big B of B-town’ sings with Saurabh for ‘cancer patients’

Big B of the B-town, Actor Amitabh Bachchan, on last day had given an unexpected-surprise to the Mumbai Metro passengers. Saurabh Nimbkar and his ‘Aaj Ki Raat’ song is not new to the local Mumbai passengers; the effort had been done for rising the fund for the cancer patients, which is then giving to the ailing patients and their relatives. But the last day was different, to the surprise of thousands of passengers, Big-B had accompanied with Saurabh in a brief metro journey; further aggravating the entertainment, he had sung a song with our local singer. Our quintessential actor has extended his complete support for the ‘Saurabh’s mission’. In the recent tweets, Amitabh mentioned the event, and urged support for the mission. Meanwhile, around thousands of tweet messages had flooded in the social platforms, appreciating the small singer and his great effort. Over these years, the local singer has wiped the tears of ‘thousands of ailing families’. In the recent years, the Mumbai cancer rates had rampantly beefed up. However, this small initiative could bring out greater awareness, either to help the needy or to upgrade the responsibility


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