March 2, 2024
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BBC is trying to create riots in the country: Swami Bhadraanand

Swami Bhadraanand said that the London-based BBC is trying to create riots in the country with the help of anti-Indian people and the operation of the BBC should be banned in the country. He said in a press conference in Kochi that the documentary is the result of a conspiracy by anti-national organizations and the names of those who are behind it from India will come out soon.

BBC is an institution which has proved anti-India many times by publishing the map of India without Kashmir. Congress and CPM are fighting for BBC without speaking for the people of the country. Jealous of India’s growth, both the parties are trying to weaken India by colluding with anti-national forces. Envious of India’s rise to become the fifth largest economic power in the world, Britain is trying to destroy the country, but its enemies inside the country are taking an umbrella. Congress and CPM are supporting Britain while using BBC to destroy the country which is ranked fourth in armed forces.

In America, if the Federal Board gives a verdict, then it cannot be questioned. It is not acceptable to bring controversy again in the case where the Supreme Court of India ruled. Freedom of expression applies to Indian citizens. The goal of those who are struggling in India for the freedom of expression of the British press is clear. CPM and Congress are two sides of the sedition coin. No one has forgotten that the CPM and the government in Kerala are the ones who accused them of being monopoly capitalists and made misguided attempts to buy the awards of Britain and America during the Covid period.At a time when India is advancing as an economic power, the BBC is plotting to create riots in the country. Those who looted India for years, those who raped Indian women, and those who burned Indians, are today waging a covert war against India in front of the BBC. Congress and CPM are supporting this.

The Congress and the CPM are mocking the people of the country who are fighting for the freedom of expression of such traitors. During the period of British colonialism from 1880 to 1920, 165 million Indians were killed by the British. He also asked whether the BBC would be ready to make a documentary about this.

Today, the descendants of those who betrayed India by joining the British during the freedom struggle are coming forward in support of the BBC. It was the British who accused Subhash Chandra Bose of licking his shoe. CPM is licking the shoes of the same Britishers when they named the island after Subhash Chandra Bose. Swami Bhadranand also demanded that the Congress and the CPM clarify whether India or the BBC is bigger. He also informed that the legal battle against the BBC has been started.

When the British left India, there were 400,000 km of roads in India. Today it is 62 lakh kilometers. India is second only to America in terms of road size. India is the first in Asia and second in the world to have such a large railway network. BBC is trying to destroy this federal system of India. Swami Bhadranand said that Congress and CPM should decide with whom to stand.

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