November 30, 2023
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Bangladesh Denies Permission For Nora Fatehi Show To Save Dollars

In an effort to save money as part of austerity measures, the Bangladeshi government denied Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi permission to perform at an event in the nation’s capital, Dhaka.

According to a letter released on Monday by Bangladesh’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Ms. Fatehi was denied permission “in view of the worldwide scenario and with the objective of maintaining the foreign exchange reserves.” Ms. Fatehi was slated to perform a dance and present prizes at a gathering the Women Leadership Corporation was hosting.

The ministry made reference to the central bank’s restrictions on dollar payments in light of declining foreign exchange reserves, which fell to $36.33 billion as of October 12 from $46.13 billion a year earlier and could only cover around four months’ worth of imports.

According to the IMDb website, Ms. Fatehi, a Moroccan-Canadian, made her acting debut in Hindi movies in 2014.

According to Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf, deputy director of the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, the IMF is getting ready to deploy its first negotiation delegation to Bangladesh later this month to begin discussions with the government about loans the country has requested.

At a media briefing on October 13, she stated that the reserves “are still at a comfortable level, but the direction has been going down.” IMF officials are debating a financial plan that will “include steps to stabilise the economy and to prevent a further deterioration in the economy.”

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