February 26, 2024
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“You’ve Tanned”: When Congress Workers Asked Rahul Gandhi About Sunscreen And Blisters

While participating in the “Bharat Jodo Yatra,” Congressman Rahul Gandhi hasn’t developed any blisters and isn’t wearing any sunscreen.
At their camp in Karnataka, where Rahul Gandhi also cast his vote in the party’s presidential elections, the Congress workers were having their normal nightly conversation when he responded to their questions.

In the “What’s up, Yatris?” video, which was released by the party’s social media team, Rahul Gandhi inquires about the health of party members and whether or not they are participating in the march. They all say in unison, “Yes, sir. 100%.”

“There are some problems when you walk so long, initially — like blisters,” says one of the Yatris.

“Has everyone got blisters?” Mr Gandhi asks.

“I haven’t got any,” replies the lone woman in the circle.

“Nor have I,” responds Mr Gandhi.

Yesterday, the “Unite India March” from Kanyakumari to Kashmir covered 1,000 of its intended 3,570 kilometres. The film contains a few images of partygoers with bandaged feet. One of the most discussed aspects of the march is Rahul Gandhi’s physical condition.

When he asks fellow marchers about their experience, they enthusiastically share their favourite parts in the film. We can simply stop and chat with a tea seller and learn so much, says one, “We are getting to witness so many cultures.” Even 14–15 km of daily walking, according to him, doesn’t exhaust them.

“Which sunscreen are you using?” a young man asks him.

“I don’t use any sunscreen. None,” he replies. Told that “there is some tanning visible”, he tells them, “My mum has sent some (sunscreen), but I am not using it.”

Then he explains the purpose of the Yatra, saying, “We have been doing our duty as the Opposition, and we have no choice but to go on this Yatra, other than going out and meeting people personally.”

He continues, noting the BJP’s purported takeover of institutions, “There is really no other alternative available for us.

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