June 23, 2024
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Baby Girl In Madhya Pradesh Born With ‘Four’ Legs

People’s interest has been piqued after a mother in the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh gave birth to a newborn girl with what appear to be “four” legs. The infant was born on Wednesday at the Women and Child Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital in this city to Aarti Kushwaha of the Sikandar Kampoo neighbourhood. According to the physicians, the newborn is healthy.

The infant girl weighs 2.3 kilogrammes. A medical team, including the director of the Jayarogya Hospital Group, Gwalior, evaluated the newborn soon after birth. Dr. RKS Dhakad, the director of Jayarogya Hospital Group, said to ANI, “The baby is physically deformed and was born with four legs. Ischiopagus is the term used in medical science to describe some foetuses that develop additional cells. The body develops in two locations when the embryo splits into two pieces. Two additional legs have grown into the lowest portion of this baby girl’s body below the waist, but they remain dormant.”

“Right now the doctors of the Paediatric Department are checking whether there is any other deformity in any part of the body. After examination, if she is healthy, then those legs will be removed through surgery. So that she can live a normal life,” Dr Dhakad said.

Added the Superintendent: “The baby girl is currently admitted in the Special Newborn Care Unit of the Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital. The health condition of the infant is continuously being monitored. The doctors are talking about removing her extra legs by surgery. At present, the baby girl is completely healthy.”

In Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam, a mother gave birth to a child with two heads, three arms, and two legs earlier this month. The infant’s previous physician, Dr. Brajesh Lahoti, told ANI: “The sonography result had previously indicated that the couple was expecting two children, but this is their first child. It is an unusual circumstance, and its lifespan will be brief.”

“The child weighs around 3 kg, has two spinal cords and one stomach. It is a very complex condition. The child has a condition called Dicephalic Parapagus,” he stated.

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