September 26, 2021
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Automation, Artificial Intelligence likely to affect Indian IT jobs

The Indian Information Technology sector is undergoing several changes. These changes are actually fuelled by the advent of the automation and artificial intelligence. It is apparent that these technologies will help the IT companies to considerably increase its efficiency. But, the latest reports show that though these new technologies will the multinational IT companies in one way or the other, these might not give any benefits to our IT employees. As per the report, the automation and artificial intelligence are expected to imperil nearly sixty-nine per cent job opportunities in our country while these technologies are likely to threaten around seventy-seven per cent job opportunity in China in the near future. According to the report, the data regarding the impact of AI and automation in India and China has been prepared by the World Bank. Some claim that the low-skilled positions are going to be affected the most. Given the fact that these positions are primarily filled by the entry level employees in all organisations, it is observed that the impact will be high on the fresher job opportunities in the IT companies. Some who oppose these observations claim that the AI and automation will actually create new job opportunities, eliminating some low-skilled positions which need no skills or offer no growth. Anyway, it is clear, in the coming days, the Indian Information Technology sector is going to witness a remarkable change. This indicates that the future of the IT employees, hereafter, solely depends on how fast they adapt the changes and update themselves in accordance with the new requirements of the sector.


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