July 18, 2024

Asthma patients, ‘better don’t be anxious’; says Researchers

Asthma is a most severe respiratory disease that could throw a baggage of ‘do-not to do’ list before patients.  Here, the researchers have identified a new factor that will be added into your ‘not-to do’ list sooner. A research work set to present in Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies convention revels that, the anxiety of a patient will increase his asthma conditions.The researchers had conducted the test in around 150 students, and they found a proven authentic statistics.  The narrow straw method was used for conducting the research. While delivering a conclusion, the researchers had recommended some remedial steps that includes anxiety reduction therapy. Even though the information is expected to help the suffering patients but it has a potential to put an unnecessary barrier before patient. A WHO statistic revels that, in this world around 150 million people are currently suffering from asthma; and India has a 10% share in that large chunk, which is around 15 million. Unfortunately, the Indian children’s are more prone to this disease.


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