October 16, 2021

Ask the smile expert -Dr Thomas Nechupadam

thomas nechupadam-the smile expert
Q: I have lost two of my front teeth due on accident 6 years back. Now I am 27 years and the teeth that are replaced are very visible and stand out especially on photographs. Is there any treatment to correct the color and shape of the teeth?

A: The teeth replacement could be done using good quality ceramic bridge on implants with ceramic crowns. The colour and the texture of teeth can be individually chosen and made according to the rest of the natural teeth .For those who frequent discotheques and work in the glamor & glitz industry under high intensity lights may need metal free Cercon or  empress crowns  so that the translucency  also match the neighboring teeth .

Q: I am a tan complexioned person.  I have very dark gums which is causing me to shy out from any place where I need to  pose for a photo. Is there any treatment to change the color of the gums?

A: Dark Gums or Gingiva is caused due to melanin which gets accumulated on the gums. Gingival depigmentation could be done effectively by a periodontist to change the dark brown coloured or black gingiva to pink gums. The treatment is a single or double visit procedure depending on the extent of the problem.

Q: I have very short teeth and my gums are very visible when I smile. When I close my lips my face is very straight so all doctors say that I do not need braces to correct gum visibility. What can I do to improve my looks?

A: Gum visibility on smiling due to gum hyperplasia that extends into the teeth is your problem. The teeth is looking short because the gums are covering it. This could be corrected by Gingivoplasty orTeeth LASET, a procedure by which the gums are contoured to give proper proportions of gum and teeth visibility.

Q: I am 60 years old and having problems of food getting between teeth on chewing fibrous food. If I use a tooth pick to remove the food particles then there will be pain for two or three days. Now I am not chewing on that side. Is there any permanent solution for the problem?

A: If food gets lodged between teeth never use a toothpick rather use a dental floss or just a thread to pass between teeth and pull it to one side. If you use tooth picks or pins to pick the teeth the gums will get infected and the gaps may increase further and worsen the condition. The permanent solution is to put joint crowns and replace any teeth missing to correct food impaction effectively.

Dr Thomas Nechupadam

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