September 25, 2022
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Around 2,500 stolen books recovered from a university owned by a SP leader in UP

As many as 2,500 books, which is marked as stolen, has been recovered from a university, which is owned by a powerful Samajwadi Party leader in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The SP leader has tried to obstruct the officials who have reached the university to conduct raid in the premises.

The state police have arrested all those who have obstructed the officials from performing their duty.

The arrested persons have been released on personal bonds.

Earlier, a senior official of a 250-year-old university alleged that as many as 9,000 books were stolen from the university.

The latest raid is the part of an investigation launched to recover those stolen books. This means that more books are likely to be recovered in the coming days.

Meanwhile, a group of senior SP leaders have marched to the Raj Bhavan of UP to meet the state governor on the hope that the governor will interfere in the issue.

As they have not taken prior appointment to meet the governor, they have been blocked at the gate of the Raj Bhavan.

The SP leaders have termed the latest raid as politically motivated. They have alleged the misuse of the state forces by the UP government to harass the opposition leaders.

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