March 2, 2024
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Findings made by Unique Times about VJ Kurian, who is facing vigilance investigation…

These findings point to shocking allegations of abuse of power and nepotism by Kurian. In 2016, VJ Kurian’s driver Santhosh Kumar, 45, had hanged himself at his house in Thrikkakara. It is a serious lapse that no investigation has been done into the said incident other than registering a case. (Case No. 443/ 2016 U/s 174 Crpc ).

The person who saw Santhosh Kumar hanging dead called the police station and informed them. The fact that a high-ranking official’s servant hanged himself in his house, but his relatives did not complain about the death and the fact that no further investigation was carried out in the said incident remain as a mysterious questions.

Undoubtedly, Kurian’s strong influence is revealed here. The allegations against him and the lack of follow-up measures against him show that Kurian is strong enough to bring the law and the media under his jurisdiction.

We should not overlook the magnanimity shown by Kurian in giving jobs at the airport to the relatives of the deceased. The time has come to tear off the mask of the sly retired IS officer, who even manipulated the legal system to keep his nefarious activities from being revealed to the outside world. It is necessary to draw the immediate attention of the authorities to such activities.

The FIR copy of the complaint received at Thrikakkara Police Station is enclosed herewith.
‘Crime No. 443/ 2016 U/s 174 Crpc received by Thrikakkakara  Santosh Kumar, son of Karthikeyan, 45 years old,  Palaikkaparampil, Puthanpilly area, village T Kara, who was working as a driver with the complainant, on 19-03-16 late between 3.00 and 3.30 p.m. died by hanging himself on an iron pipe with a yellow plastic rope on the terrace above the 2nd floor of house No. 164 in Thrikakkara Sagarasabha Ward X111, Vazhakala Village,  Padamughal Kara.

It is surprising that such an incident took place in the house of a high-ranking official and yet nobody paid any heed to the matter and handled the matter carelessly….

There is another fact that no one has noticed, the credit of the international airport, which was created by former Chief Minister K Karunakaran, after his death  through PR work Kurian tried to make it his own. This was done during the time when honorable chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan was the chairman and the airport gate was later constructed with Kurian’s own initials. It is impossible not to remember the crookedness of Kurian. He will be the only IAS officer in Kerala who has shown enthusiasm to do such an act. As part of abuse of power it is hoped that the authorities will be able to investigate and take action on this matter done by V J Kurian.

Unique Times will continue to investigate the said incident…

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