November 30, 2023
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Air India Fined 10 Lakh For Not Reporting 2nd Peeing Incident On Flight

The aviation watchdog DGCA has fined Air India 10 lakh for failing to report an incident last month in which a man is accused of urinating on a blanket on a woman’s empty seat on a Paris-Delhi aircraft.

The Tata-owned airline allegedly took too long to refer the December 6 event to its internal committee, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, or DGCA.

After another man allegedly peed on a female co-passenger aboard a New York-Delhi aircraft on November 26, this was the second instance of a man peeing on a passenger’s seat on an Air India flight. Prior to the instances making headlines, Air India had not reported them to the aviation watchdog.

The DGCA only learned about the incident on December 6 after requesting information from Air India.

The DGCA had stated in a statement that Air India “didn’t report the event till DGCA demanded the incident report from them on 05.01.2023.”

According to the statement, the airline’s response was apparent that it did not adhere to “provisions pertaining to management of rowdy passengers as per DGCA.”

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