July 17, 2024
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UP riot row: Field report exposes govt’s poor rehabilitation program

A field report, released on yesterday, revealed that nearly half lakh people, who were displaced from their homeland after the fatal Muzaffarnagar communal riot, is living in a pathetic living condition. The report was titled ‘Living Apart: Communal Violence and Forced Displacement in Muzaffarnagar and Shamil’ by its writers. The report pointed out the poor rehabilitation measures adopted by the state and central government. It is evident from the report that the government has mercilessly shut their eyes before the helpless people living in the riot distorted regions. The report is expected to trigger strong debates across the country, particularly in the Uttar Pradesh, which is expected to face a regional election on next year. It will most probably help Mayawati-led BSP, which is eyeing to mark a powerful re-entry into the Uttar Pradesh politics. BSP usually tries to consolidate lower caste Hindu voters and Muslim votes. It is, in fact, a rare and hard combination. It is learned that the report was authored by Akram Akhtar, Rajanya Bose, Harash Mander, and Zafar Eqbal. It is entirely based on the survey conducted between the late march and late July. It is said that the authors physically visited these camps to get an actual picture of the situation. Notably, the report strongly criticised the government, saying it is not helping the people to return to their homes. It alleged that the government helps the perpetrators of the violence to go scot-free. The report further exposed several flaws of the relief packages announced by the government. However, this field report will be a great blow to the SP and the national parties, like BJP and Congress.


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