November 30, 2023
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Angry Karnataka Teacher Kills Class 4 Student, Beats Up Mother: Cops

Today in Karnataka, a 10-year-old boy lost his life after being assaulted by his teacher, who also shoved him off the first-floor balcony of the public school. According to the authorities, Muthappa, a teacher at Adarsh Primary School in the northern village of Hagli, struck the youngster with a shovel. Bharat was a fourth-grade student.

Senior Gadak district police officer Shivprakash Devaraju told reporters, “The reason is not obvious at this time…at first glance it appears that some familial disputes among them.”

Even Gita Barker, Bharat’s mother, who works as a teacher at the school, had been beaten by Muthappa. She is being treated at a neighbourhood hospital.

The individual, a contract worker, has gone missing at this time.

An identical occurrence was reported last week from a school in Delhi. In a flash of rage, the instructor attacked a Class 5 pupil with scissors and threw her from the first floor of a public school building. The assault happened in the middle of the craft lesson.The teacher “violently” flung water bottles inside a classroom full of kids, according to the police, before picking up the girl, cutting off her hair, and throwing her over the balcony.

A different teacher attempted to stop Geeta Deshwal from throwing the student to the ground, but was unsuccessful. The young patient, who was admitted right away, is stable, according to medical professionals. She can’t eat or drink since she cracked her cheekbone. In the fall, she also hurt her leg and head. The concerned school is managed by Delhi’s civic organisation. The teacher has been detained and is accused of trying to kill someone.

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