February 24, 2024
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All Ministries, Departments To Scrap 15-Year-Old Vehicles: Government

All ministries and departments are required by the finance ministry to discard all vehicles older than 15 years that are no longer roadworthy.
In an office memo, the Department of Expenditure, a division of the Finance Ministry, stated that the government’s broad goals to reduce pollution, increase passenger safety, and increase fuel efficiency led it to reconsider the current rules regarding vehicle condemnation after consulting with Niti Aayog and the Ministry of Road Transport.

“It has been decided that henceforth all the condemned vehicles (including prematurely condemned vehicles) belonging to ministries/departments of the government of India, shall only be scrapped,” it said in an office memorandum.

It added that automobiles that have been condemned or have reached the age of 15 cannot be sold at auction and must only be scrapped at authorised facilities.The expenditure department stated that the road transport ministry will separately notify the public of the precise procedure for scrapping all such vehicles.

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