April 13, 2024
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Synthite industries to provide 5000 vaccine for their employees and public of Aikaranad panchayat

One of leading spice makers of India Synthite industries is again back to lend their helping hands during this crisis period. The number of positive cases and death tolls are increasing rapidly all over the nation.

Managing director of Synthite industries Dr Viju Jacob said that they will always be their for their employees and in result to that they will provide 5000 dose of vaccine, that is the Covaccine for the employees and also for the public of Aikaranad panchayat aging between 50 or above 50.

The vaccine will be provided by Bharat Biotech. This not the first time, during 2019-20 the synthite group provide mask, sanitizer and gloves for the public of Aikaranad panchayat.

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