April 20, 2024
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Ahead of crucial seat sharing meeting, JD(S) indirectly exerts pressure over Congress, it seems


A rumour that the JD(S) may severe its tie with its ally Congress ahead of the general election has been circulating in and around the Karnataka political hemisphere for a couple of days. No one knows from where this rumour has been triggered, for what that has been done, and against which that has been executed. Anyway, what has given wings to this rumour is the BJP’s move to gather all their Karnataka lawmakers in the national capital Delhi.

A political expert says that to unlock the mystery it is important to understand who will benefit from the rumour. There is no doubt that the JDS(S) is the biggest beneficiary of the rumour.

The Congress is set to meet its political ally JD(S) to discuss the seat sharing formula for the general election in few days. There are indications that the Congress may ask its ally to settle down for as mere as five seats in the state. It is the background which is needed to be understood.

It is assumed that the rumour will force the Congress to rethink their strategy in the state and to give its ally a couple of seats more than what they have decided to give.       

Will this strategy work? It is yet to be seen.


Vignesh. S. G

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