April 18, 2024
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After completing the Class X board exam, a teenager in Kerala installed a flexible board to celebrate himself. The education minister praised the action

Many people view passing the Class X board test as a significant life achievement for students. While A-plus students are celebrated and frequently have flex boards honouring them put up in Kerala, marks are portrayed as a measure of accomplishment.

Jishnu alias Kunjakku, a Class X student from Pathanamthitta in Kerala, is building a flex board as he celebrates his own exam achievement. The odd flex board reads, “History paves room for some people,” and it adds, “I congratulate’myself’ for passing the 2022 SSLC exam.” “The tale starts now,” the flex board continues. Version 3.0 of Kunjakku. The phrase on the flex is accompanied with a picture of Jishnu wearing sunglasses.

Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty was drawn in by Jishnu’s action and was impressed by the kid. “Kunjakku himself has stated that some persons in history are given a break in the flex. I hope it happens. Shivankutty’s post is titled, “May Kunjakku attain great success in the exam of life as well.

Jishnu told Manorama News that flex boards for students who received an A-plus gave him the inspiration for his own flex board. Additionally, he mentioned that his pals assisted him in mounting the flex board. After explaining the significance of the statement “Kunjakku version 3.0,” he claims that after passing Class XI, he will install one such flex board.

According to a Mathrubhumi report, Jishnu had a difficult time passing the test. He prepared for the exams in the gloomy light of a kerosene lamp because his house only recently received an electricity connection. His parents both earn a living wage.

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