June 20, 2024
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Adultery no longer crime, but continues to be a ground for the dissolution of marriage


A sensational verdict delivered by the top court of the country today has deleted the archaic Section 497 of the Indian Penal code from the constitution, which creates an impression that women are inferior to men.

The section 497, which is also called the adultery law, provides the provisions to punish, with a stiffer punishment of over five-year imprisonment, a man who is found to have engaged in sexual relation with another man’s wife, if the victim’s husband –in such a case, the woman with whom the man has engaged in sexual relation is considered as the victim- comes forward with compliant.

There are interpretations that the law treats a wife as the property of her husband. Another serious issue is that it allows a woman to commit a thing which is illegal under the constitution if she gets the consent of her husband.

The new judgement has put to rest all such discussions and deliberations. By erasing the law from the book, the top court has given a clear message that it is committed to uphold the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country more than anything else.

The latest judgment has come on a petition filed by a Kerala-based man Joseph Shine, through advocates Kaleeswaram Raj and M S Suidutt, demanding the cancellation of the controversial section, which stands contrary to the fundamental rights.

Anyway, the adultery will continue to be treated as a strong and reasonable ground for the dissolution of marriages.

What do you think about the judgement?


Vignesh. S. G

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