July 15, 2024
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Actor Kamal R Khan Arrested Over Controversial 2020 Tweet

Actor Kamal R Khan, often known by his initials KRK, was detained today in connection with a divisive social media post from two years prior.

Following his arrival at the Mumbai Airport on Tuesday, Mr. Khan was detained, according to the police. He will be introduced today in the Borivali court in Mumbai. “In response to his divisive remark, Kamal Rashid Khan was detained by Malad Police in 2020. After arriving at the Mumbai Airport, he was detained. He will appear in front of Borivali Court today “According to the Mumbai Police, according to news agency ANI.

According to reports, KRK’s now-deleted tweet from 2020 was targeted at Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. Given that wine shops are going to open amid the coronavirus pandemic, he had pleaded with Rishi Kapoor to avoid passing away. Even though that wasn’t all, KRK said in another tweet that the coronavirus couldn’t go away without killing the lives of well-known people. Just to be serious, I mentioned a few days ago that Corona can’t return without bringing along a few well-known figures. I refrained from writing names at the time because I could have been abused. But I already knew Irfan and Rishi would leave. And I already know who will be the next,” KRK had tweeted.

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