June 17, 2024
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A Hindu man in Hyderabad was killed on camera after marrying a Muslim woman

In a horrific public killing caught on camera last evening, a young man lay bleeding near a busy road in Hyderabad, his face smashed to pulp with iron rods, while his wife valiantly fought off his attackers.

According to the police, the 25-year-old car salesman was beaten and stabbed to death by his Muslim wife’s brother and relatives. B Nagaraju and Syed Ashrin Sulthana, dubbed “childhood sweethearts” by reports, married three months ago, defying her family’s wishes.

The couple had just left home on their bike around 8.45 p.m. on Wednesday when two men stopped them, dragged Nagaraju away, and attacked him with iron rods and knives. A crowd gathered quickly at the scene, but no one attempted to stop the attack, according to security footage. Many people were filming the crime on their cellphones.

Nagaraju appeared lifeless on camera soon after, his head a bloody mass, as his wife screamed for help. Sulthana was seen lunging at one of the attackers in one video, attempting to stop another attack on Nagaraju. The attacker was then attacked by witnesses, who hit him and chased him away. Her brother was later identified as the assailant.

It was all over in a flash. Nagaraju died on a busy road surrounded by people, but nothing could save him.

“My husband was murdered in the middle of the street. Five people were assaulted. Others, including my brother. Nobody was willing to assist us. I pleaded with everyone. They assassinated him right in front of my eyes “Sulthana told reporters today, dazed with grief.

“Why did people show up if they couldn’t help? They were merely spectators. Can’t people see someone being killed right in front of their eyes? I landed on him in order to save him. They pushed me away, though. They broke his head by hitting him with iron rods.”

The attackers fled, but their movements were captured on security cameras and witness mobile phone videos. The cops have formed teams to apprehend the assailants caught on camera.

On January 31, Nagaraju and Sulthana married in an Arya Samaj ceremony. They had known each other since Class 10, but her family was adamant that she not marry someone who did not share her faith.

Sulthana stated that she had previously attempted to avoid Nagaraju. “I told him I wouldn’t marry anyone else if I didn’t marry you.” I told him it was either you or death. I’m going to die. I didn’t speak to him for two months before we married, so I could just die,” she told reporters, crying.

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