October 25, 2021

A Biriyani Story


Biriyani is an extremely delicious dish. It is very popular among Indians. It is its ability to fill taste buds and stomach alike that contributes the most to its popularity, apart from its reasonable price. A report published in a leading media says that its market is rapidly expanding in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where each day a new biriyani brand emerges.

The total market of the organised biriyani business in Tamil Nadu is not less than 1,500 crores per year. In the unorganised sector, it is up to 4,000 crores per year.

On an average, an average biriyani shop does business worth 25 lakhs every month. That is around 3 crores per year. Isn’t it interesting?

The price of a biriyani is around 200 to 600. In the unorganised sector, it is available for as low as 80 to 120. In that sector, the quantity ranges, such as half and quarter, are available. these coat 70 to 90 and 40 to 60 respectively.

The story is not complete yet. There is a section in the biryani business which is not adequately explored yet in the country. That sector is the sector of vegetable biriyani. The sector has enormous potential. It is hoped that the coming generations would explore that also.

Try a biriyani today!


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