September 25, 2023

5 New Year Resolutions For Better Health And Wellness



We said au revoir to 2015. 2016 is welcomed with grace and it is time for everyone to sit down have brain storming; how to make the best result out of 2016? In order to live a carefree life, faultless health is indispensable. With our temptations and current trends, dieting is literally impossible to maintain. Also by the end of the year, you shouldn’t feel empty and think ” Oh, I wasted a whole year doing nothing”.

So, here are some useful tips to keep a constant state of good shape.

1. Rise along with Sunrise

Just like the old saying “Early to bad and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise“, finish your chores, set your time piece to ‘5pm’ and sleep before you feel stressed out. Waking up early is refreshing and highly beneficial for your circulatory system and nervous system.

2. Spending more time walking

With the never ending arrival of phone calls, ringing pagers and domestic responsibilities, finding a suitable hour to hit the gym is very difficult. If you have a carefully planned schedule, then perfect! For those who can’t, try to walk as much as you could. If your office or institution is nearby then do more walking, if possible change the  pace occasionally. This will also help in reducing the vehicle pollution and give the systems in your body to be kept updated.

3. Reduce the length of procrastination period

It is worth it, seriously. Every person is creative in their own way. So go out and do what you love. Take pictures and upload them on Instagram. Write about fascinating life in your dairy or blog. What’s even better? Think about something innovative that could change your life for good. Also, grab every free time you get and do some serious workout like; sit ups, push ups etc. Or trying cleaning the room, it is a very good exercise for your body.

4. Quit doing what you hate

It can be anything. From addictions to circumstances. If it’s not pleasant and if it is keeping you at bay, just stop whatever’s keeping you gloomy. It is worth it. If you don’t want to smoke or drink anymore, then throw away the other packs and meet a good rehabilitation center. Alcohol is one of the major contributors that results in additional fattiness.

5. Reduce the calories.

It might not be easy to quit calories but adding essential food components is something that could balance things. Try to avoid high calorie food. If you can’t then no problem, just balance it with fresh garden salad or any other healthy. Or have vitamin/mineral supplement tablets prescribed to you.

Have a happy, healthy and non-procrastinating new year.


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