February 3, 2023
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28,732 crore arms procurement; Ministry of Defense has given approval

The Defense Ministry has approved the purchase of military equipment and weapons worth Rs 28,732 crore to enhance the overall combat capability of the armed forces along the northern and western borders. The proposals were approved by the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

The approval for the new arms procurement comes amid India’s ongoing border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh. The ministry said the decision was taken to boost the country’s small arms manufacturing industry and increase self-reliance among small arms manufacturers.

Funds were allocated for Indian Standard BIS VI standard bullet proof jackets considering the need for better weapons and protective armor to reduce the threat posed by Shatkus to the troops deployed along the border.

In addition, the Defense Acquisition Council approved the purchase of armed Swarm drones. The ministry said it is procuring the armed swarm drones because drone technology has proven to increase its effectiveness in military operations. The new move comes as recent conflicts around the world have shown that drone technology can be of great use in military operations.

The Defense Acquisition Council also approved the Navy’s proposal to purchase an upgraded 1,250-KW capacity Marine Gas Turbine Generator to generate electricity. This will give a big boost to indigenous manufacturing of gas turbine generators, the ministry said.

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