November 30, 2023
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20 Bangladeshi Fishermen, Stranded At Sea, Rescued By Indian Coast Guard

Following Tuesday’s arrival of Cyclone Sitrang, the coast guard successfully saved a group of 20 Bangladeshi fisherman in the Indian Ocean.
West Bengal was spared by Cyclone Sitrang, but neighbouring Bangladesh was not so lucky. As the hurricane made landfall in the Barisal district, at least 35 people perished.

Nearly 10 lakh people had been evacuated from the cyclone’s path before it made landfall close to the southern town of Khepupara. Wind gusts of around 90 km/hr caused communication and electricity wires to break.

After the landfall, the Indian Coast Guard launched its Dornier aircraft to look for any vessels stranded at sea. During a surveillance sortie, the aircraft spotted around 20 persons in the water, about 90 nautical miles (166 km) from Sagar Island in West Bengal, near the Indo-Bangladesh International Maritime Border Line.

They were holding on to floats and other pieces of their sinking boats that the cyclone had caused to capsize. The aircraft lowered a life raft into the ocean during a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, and stayed in the area until all survivors were on board.

The aircraft also warned the adjacent merchant ship “Nanta Bhum,” which was travelling from Port Klang, Malaysia, to Kolkata. The ship was instructed to transport the fishermen to the Indian Coast Guard Ships Vijaya, Varad, and C-426 while searching for other survivors.

The 20 Bangladeshi fisherman were taken on board the Vijaya and treated for their injuries. In accordance with current regulations, the fishermen will now be turned over to the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

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