July 23, 2024
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2 Women Techies In Chennai Killed By Driver Going 130 Km Per Hour

At Chennai’s IT corridor yesterday night, two female software professionals were killed after they were struck by a speeding car as they crossed the street.
Both 23-year-old S Lavanya and R Lakshmi were analysts at HCL State Street Service. On Wednesday night at at 11.30 p.m., a Honda City rear-ended them as they were travelling home.

Motheesh Kumar, the driver, has been taken into custody. The 20-year-old gave up. Investigators claim that he works for his father, a manufacturer of paper plates.

A senior police officer informed NDTV that Kumar was operating the Honda City at a very high rate of speed.

“Around 130 km per hour seems to be the high pace at which the automobile was travelling. The young women were on their way home after working as analysts for HCL State Street Service “Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic), MR GK Kannan, Tambaram, said. The officer claimed, “The Police Commissioner organised ambulances at the government’s expense to assist the families in taking the dead home.”

One of them died instantaneously, and the other passed away in a hospital. Lakshmi was from Kerala’s Palakkad, while Lavanya was from Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor. The IT corridor consists of a toll road with numerous tech enterprises scattered throughout it and a sizable residential area. Many claim that there aren’t enough zebra crossings, causing people to cross roads dangerously in the middle of traffic.

“Regarding this, the roads department seems uninterested. Zebra crossings should have safety signals installed, pedestrian overhead bridges should be built, or median barricades should be put up. Nowadays, many people cross the median, endangering their lives “a senior police officer stated.

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