April 18, 2024
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1,911 Illegally Appointed Bengal School Staff Sacked, To Return Salary

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education was ordered by the Calcutta High Court to fire 1,911 Group D personnel who were improperly recruited to state government schools on Friday.

The 1,911 employees received the incorrect recommendation, which the High Court was informed about. The OMR sheets for the 2016 recruiting exam were manipulated, according to the court.

“The Commission has said that amid passing of this judgement it has uploaded a notification cancelling recommendations of 1,911 candidates as their marks in the commission server are incorrect. It is said that the marks are incorrect but submission is made that it is manipulated. I accept this submission. As 1,911 candidates were wrongly recommended, the court is ordering the commission to cancel the service of 1,911 candidates,” a single-judge bench of the Calcutta High Court said in its order.

“Commission is directed that in place of 1,911 candidates, based on merit from names of waitlisted candidates from the government list, should be recommended,” the court order read.

“If at any point in time, it is found that the waitlisted candidates’ OMR sheets are also manipulated, their recommendation will also be cancelled,” the court added.

The 1,911 employees will no longer be classified as Group D staff at the institutions where they were approved for employment, the court also ruled today.

The 1,911 candidates have also been ordered by the court to repay any salaries they received during the appointment period.

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