August 14, 2022

“Prince of Spices “- Dr. Viju Jacob, the Deputy Managing Director of Synthite Industries Ltd.

Synthite has its own factory in Xinjiang province of China and it has offices in Beijing, Chicago, Colombo and Sao Paulo.

The biggest challenge the company faces today, says Dr Jacob, is the difficulty to find the right talent. Candidates coming out of colleges seem to be over confident with their qualifications. They should rather do hands-on jobs and skill themselves up realistically for what they are expected of. He suggests to employees that taking ownership for the projects they do for the organization is very important.  Dr Jacob visualises that his employees should also see the company as an academy to learn and should grow with it. Surprisingly, there is no labour union within the company, taking into consideration that it’s in the state of Kerala.

 Philanthropy and Greatness.

In Synthite, employees are given chances to communicate directly with the management. Every interaction follows with a solid solution for their concerns. The company helps its employees who are in need of constructing houses and medical expenses etc. CSR activities of Synthite are conducted under CV J Foundation, where every week they dispense an amount of Rs. 5 lakhs for medical treatments for the deserving patients.  Such help is extended not only to the employees and their relatives, but also for the deserving people outside the Company.  Hundreds of students receive free sponsored education through the Foundation.  The Foundation is privileged to be the first to insure 7000 families from a whole Panchayath.

Family as a blessing

His prayerful wife, Mrs Mini Viju, is successfully taking care of their family and they have two daughters viz., Neelam and Neethi. Neelam is blessed with a baby girl recently. She is named Tasha.  Neethi who studied in NIFT had been working with Synthite’s Innovative division, CVJ Creative Centre, for 3 years and now would want to pursue her passion in Fashion Designing.

 Passion and Craze

He is extremely passionate about business and ends up talking about it at home too. Dr. Jacob’s other passion is towards cars.    

 Advice to the aspiring

Never be arrogant in your achievements.  When you achieve something, say thanks to God.  Be passionate in whatever you venture into. Do not ever give up at the gates of failures. If you have not failed anywhere, then there’s something wrong with your journey. You should be open for learning.  Be confident about yourself and learn to motivate yourself first.  Help others whenever possible.  Share your knowledge rather than keeping it within you.

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