September 23, 2023
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10 Indian politicians who have died in mysterious circumstances- Sanjay Gandhi


Let’s begin our series with the story of Sanjay Gandhi’s mysterious death. In 1980, when the Congress party was at its heydays, its most powerful youth leader Sanjay Gandhi died in a mysterious plane crash. It shocked the Gandhi family and the country alike. He was considered as the successor of Indira Gandhi.

The conspiracy theory says that he had several rivals in his party itself because of his way of politics and the death was the natural outcome of the conspiracy hacked to contain the triumph of the fearless leader by some of the persons close to him.

Actually, there is no clear evidence available to prove the conspiracy theory. So, the theory still remains as an unproved possibility.

As per the statement of a person who was at the accident spot at the time the accident happened, Mr Gandhi was performing acrobatics during his last flight.


Notably, as per the eye witness’s account, it was not like normal flight accident. Normally, a flight burns itself when it crashes. But, suspiciously, it did not happen in this case. That is the one thing that gives more relevance to the conspiracy theory.  


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