July 18, 2024
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₹ 40 Treatment For MS Dhoni’s Knee Problem, Says Report

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a former captain of India, is getting care from an ayurvedic physician for his knee issues. According to reports, the doctor bills the famous cricketer a total of INR 40. The powerful batter has been looking into alternative options as he has been dealing with knee problems for months.

The cricketer’s recovery is being managed by Vandan Singh Khervar, an ayurvedic physician who lives in the heavily forested area of Lapung, around 70 kilometers from Ranchi, according to a report in the Dainik Bhaskar daily. After watching the success of his parents’ therapy, the player made the decision to have his knee treated in a hermitage in Ranchi. The physician claims that Mahendra Singh Dhoni informed him that his lack of calcium is the cause of his knee problems.

“I charge him ₹ 20 as consultation fees and prescribe him medicines worth ₹ 20,” Vandan Singh Khervar told NDTV. Every four days or so, the dashing right-hander has been visiting the hermit. He has been going to the doctor for a month. Vandan Singh Khervar remarked, “When Dhoni came to see me, I couldn’t recognize him. The doctor was informed by members of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s entourage that the batter had visited him.

He added that they had been taking his medications for the past three months and added, “I have also treated Dhoni’s parents.People swarm to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni whenever he visits the area to catch a sight of him. Mahendra Singh Dhoni prefers to sit inside his car to prevent a commotion. He takes his medication and then snaps a selfie for his admirers.

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