Published On: Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

Rajasthan congress less impressed about the idea of ‘Unified Opposition Front’


It seems that the congress leaders belonging to the North Indian state of Rajasthan is less impressed about the idea of ‘Unified Opposition Front’, the union of all opposition parties against the saffron nationalists like the one happened in Gujarat during its recent state assembly election.

A senior congress leader hailing from the state has opined that the Northern state of Rajasthan is always a two party state so there is less room for an united opposition front in the state. He has boasted that the grand old party has performed well in all election which happened lately in the state. It is clear from his statements that the congress party and its state leaders are expecting a decisive victory in the upcoming state assembly election.

Meanwhile, the leader, who has strongly opposed the idea of an opposition alliance in the state, has expressed eagerness and enthusiasm to speak and campaign in favour of a opposition front in the national level in the upcoming parliament election.

Recently, in the crucial by-elections happened in Ajmer and Alwar –two important constituencies in Rajasthan, the prime opposition party of the state, the Congress Party, wristed an astounding victory, clearly showcasing how confident it is about the victory of the upcoming general election.

How the grand old party justify its confusing policy on anti-Hindu fundamentalist alliance (the policy of promoting opposition alliance in the states where the congress is weak and the policy of discouraging the same alliance in the states where it is strong)?        


Vignesh. S. G

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Rajasthan congress less impressed about the idea of ‘Unified Opposition Front’