Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Israel to assist Indian farmers, set to share new technology


In a bid to strengthen the agricultural sector of India, the Israel’s international development agency set to assist the ailing farmers with the new technologies and innovative strategies. Notably, the Israel development agency has been working in the country for last few decades. It has nearly ten centres of excellence across the country. It is mainly focused on the technology development, sharing, and innovation. While speaking to the media, the deputy director of MASHAV, Yuval Fuchs, asserted that his agency would help reduce poverty in India.

Unfortunately, nearly twenty per cent of the world’s poor people is in our country. It is said that the Israel agency is sincerely trying to reduce this rate to null or zero.The interesting fact is that this agency is not trying to introduce any unfamiliar techniques. Their modus  operandi is entirely different from the traditional concepts. It is learned that they would initially study the local features. Then, they help the farmers to develop a convenient strategy themselves. It is totally different from the traditional concepts, in which the helping agencies often spoon-fed the innovative ideas. Here, in contrary to that, this agency is enriching the farmers with the knowledge, which helps them to create or adopt the proper strategy and idea themselves. The Israeli agency has already proved their presence in the dairy farming sector and horticultural sector of our country.Anyway, the Israel President, Reuven Rivlin is expected to visit our country on November 15. We can hope that the Israel will present us more creative projects to strengthen our country.







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Israel to assist Indian farmers, set to share new technology