August 3, 2021
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MKM calls for ‘Mumbai Bandh’


In a bid to put more pressure over the BJP led Maharashtra government to grand reservation in jobs and education institutions to the people belonging to the powerful community of Maratha, the Maratha Kranti Morcha has called for Mumbai Bandh.

The announced Bandh is likely to take place Tomorrow. Today, the state has witnessed a violent band for the same reason.

Last day, a member of the Maratha community committed suicide by jumping into a river from a bridge demanding special quota for the community in education institutions and jobs.   

Actually, the suicide of the Maratha community member is the reason why the MKM has organised a state wide bandh today.

In several regions, the protests demanding reservations for the Maratha community have turned violent. During the protest, several vehicles (public and private) have been destructed. Today, the road, rail and air transportation facilities have also been badly disturbed due to the protest. In Mumbai, most of the business centres have remained closed due to the fear for protesters.

In the capital of Maharashtra, the things are expected to continue like this Tomorrow also, as the MKM is preparing to organise a bandh in the capital city on that day.

Does a politically, socially and economically dominant community deserve special reservation?



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