Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Farrukhabad infant death issue: doctors to get clean chit



As the nation is eagerly waiting for the investigation report of the team which is verifying whether the unnatural death of over thirty infants in the Farrukhabad hospital has any connection with the allegation that the hospital was not properly supplied with adequate number of oxygen cylinders due to the payment issue during the time the deaths happened, a leading national newspaper has reported that the doctors who were implicated in the case is likely to get a clean chit from those who are investigating the case.

Though the newspaper has not given any reason on why the media have reached such a pessimistic conclusion in this preliminary stage of the investigation, the article published in the media have highlighted the fact that almost all of the victims are from the marginalised families.

The article has also invited the reader’s attention into the poor condition of the Indian public medical infrastructure.

The big question is how long the authorities can ignore that the inefficient medical infrastructure of the country directly or indirectly claims tens of thousands of lives each year.

Experts say that the policymakers must articulate feasible policies to prevent the repetition of such incidents.


Vignesh. S. G

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Farrukhabad infant death issue: doctors to get clean chit