September 23, 2023
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Widespread bombings in Ukraine, US says Russia will have to account for

The United States has strongly condemned Russia’s military action against Ukraine. US President Joe Biden has said that Russia will be held accountable to the world for its military action in Ukraine. Biden said he was monitoring the situation and would discuss further steps with G7 and NATO leaders. Biden also called on the international community to retain Russia.

A White House official has said that US President Joe Biden will make statements on Russia’s military action in Ukraine on Thursday afternoon (Indian time night). US President Joe Biden has said that Russia’s unjust military action against Ukraine will not go unnoticed and that the United States and NATO allies will respond.

The situation is likely to change if the US-led NATO military alliance emerges in response to the Russian occupation. If NATO forces support Ukraine and attack Russian forces, the world could fall into the shadow of World War III. Meanwhile, Ukraine imposed restrictions on domestic air traffic following Russia’s declaration of war. Air India’s second special flight AI-1947 took off this morning at Boryspil Airport in Ukraine. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. airport in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Thousands of people have reportedly fled the airport to escape war-torn Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council discussed the military action in Ukraine. Russia’s representative to the Security Council has said that President Vladimir Putin has announced a special military operation to protect Ukraine’s people who have been suffering for years.

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