March 2, 2024
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What the World Eats: 6 Favorite Places and Their Traditional Breakfasts

Everybody wants to see the entire world eventually! We are interested in the types of meals that are presented throughout the nation since we are food enthusiasts. What does breakfast look like outside of India? This post is perfect for you if these thoughts keep crossing your mind! Here we have listed some of the traditional breakfasts eaten in some of our favorite destinations around the world.

     1. Brazil

In Brazil, breakfast is not the largest meal of the day. The Portuguese term for breakfast, café da manh, which is translated as “morning coffee,” reflects this. Foods like po de queijo (cheese-flavored buns), ham, cheese, pao frances (little loaves of bread eaten with butter), or fruits like papayas are frequently served with strong coffee.

   2. Costa Rica

A typical Costa Rican cuisine called gallo pinto is a delectable combination of rice and beans that are first cooked separately and then fried together. It is typically served with fried eggs, plantains, and cilantro.

3. Japan

Breakfast in this island nation in East Asia is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced! Sticky rice, grilled fish, miso soup, natto, and tamagoyaki are all common breakfast foods in Japan. Although we Indians are accustomed to eating rice on a daily basis, seeing it served for breakfast can be extremely perplexing. Natto is fermented soybeans, while tamagoyaki is a wrapped egg dish from Japan. These dishes are eaten as a meal as a whole.

  4. Italy

A true Italian breakfast requires coffee! In actuality, Italians are renowned for their fine coffee. They also enjoy having their sweet breakfast, particularly a sweet pastry like cornetti, with their morning coffee. There is a twist, though. Actually, a cornetti is an Italian croissant. They also enjoy eating biscotti with their coffee.

  5. Turkey

Turkish cuisine is a very elaborate affair, with elements of the Mediterranean, Ottoman, Middle Eastern, and East European cuisines. Turkish culture considers even breakfast to be a feast! Various cheeses, marinated olives, jams and spreads, Turkish breads (simit), eggs, and Turkish sausages make up the breakfast (sucuk, basturma). Breakfast requires tea as well, but not the milk tea that we Indians are accustomed to.

   6. Mexico

Mexican cuisine is significantly distinct from American cuisine, despite the fact that this nation is in North America! We are familiar with tacos, burritos, and nachos but little do we know what Mexican breakfast looks like. Huevos rancheros, which are fried eggs served with corn tortillas and salsa, are the name of the typical morning dish in Mexico.

These are just a few of the breakfasts around the world. Which one is your favorite one? Let us know.

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