June 6, 2023
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Violence jolts Delhi, West Bengal

The national capital, New Delhi, and West Bengal witnessed severe violence last day, as protesters organised demonstrations in these states against the recently amended Citizenship Act deviated from the path of peace.

In the national capital, the protest against the act happened around Jamia Millia Islamia University. The police even entered the campus to quell the violence. They were actually forced to enter the campus as the protesters who attacked the police sought shelter inside the campus.

In West Bengal, the protest against the act occurred in Howrah, Murshidabad and many other regions close to the state capital, Kolkata.

In both regions, severe damage was inflicted to public property by the protesters.

The BJP has blamed the TMC-led West Bengal government for the violence in the state. The party has accused the TMC government of taking lenient stand against the protesters.

The TMC has retorted the statement in the same language.

The newly emerged violence has created a serious headache to the central government, which recently passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament with serious effort amidst severe protest in both houses of the parliament against the bill.

It was in the North East region of the country that the protest emerged at first.
Actually, the protest in West Bengal and Delhi has emerged at the time the central government has brought down the tension in the eastern region almost completely.

Violence is not the right way. The opposition parties should make sure that they does not give green signal to the unconstitutional way of expressing disagreement.

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