January 24, 2022
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Vet murder suspects shot to death

All the four persons, who were arrested in connection with the brutal murder of a woman in Hyderabad, have been shot to death by the investigation team, who handles the case.

As per the statement of the police, the suspects have been shot to death when they have tried to escape attacking the officials.

The incident has taken place at the same place where the crime happened. The alleged escape attempt has happened when the suspects have been taken to the crime spot as part of the investigation.

The suspicious police action has come at the time the police force was receiving serious criticism for their initial delay in the investigation.

Earlier, it was alleged that when the missing of the women was reported to the police they failed to respond to the petition in a timely manner.

The latest police action has attracted mixed reactions. The family members of the victim have expressed their happiness in the action. Tens of thousands of people have gathered in the streets of Hyderabad to celebrate the police action.
Meanwhile, many have expressed concern in the manner the police has taken the law of the land in their hand.

Notably, the investigative team, which have committed the action, is led by V C Sajjanar, who fell under the radar of suspension previously when all the three of the suspects in an acid attack case handled by him were found dead in a similar manner.

There is no dispute that the victim deserves justice. But, what message does the police action give? There is a clear distinction between democracy and mobocracy.

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