January 21, 2022
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V Star has a new logo to reflects it’s intrenational quality


Renowned innerwear brand V Star has launched a new logo in view of reinforcing its presence in the international market and opening exclusive brand outlets in Metro cities. The new logo stands for the international quality of V star products.

 Unlike in the past, customers are more brand-conscious today; and they have become more fastidious not just in the matters of design and comfort of the products, but in the design and appeal of the logos too. Through logo revamping, the company intends the logo to fittingly reflect the international quality of their products.

 Inner wears are like one’s inner beauty. Irrespective of what you wear externally, the right innerwear that perfectly fits you, imparts great comfort and enhances your physical features, thus boosting up your confidence. The soothing experience that emanates from the perfection of the right innerwear and the cozy feel of the superior cloth will be definitely reflected in one’s demeanour. This is the concept underlying the new logo.

 The new logo of V Star, consisting of a ‘Star’ concealed in the alphabet ‘V’, indicates that there is a star in each individual and V Star inner wears serve to bring out that brighter personality within each one. V Star inner wears are the best choice for everyone who believes that he/she must have superior quality inner wears that fit his/her elegant personality.

 V Star, currently going strong in the markets of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa, looks forward go beyond and explore wider marketing spheres with the revamped logo. At present, V star has a production capacity of more than 9 lakhs of inner wears per month for women, men and children. V Star has 30 distributors and 3000 dealers in South India alone. Besides inner wears, it markets outer wears too. Measures have already taken for marketing the V Star products in other prominent cities and strategic centres in India apart from the existing ones.

 V Star exclusive brand outlets will be soon put up in Metro cities. The first brand outlet is getting ready to be opened at Centre Square Mall at M.G. Road Kochi shortly.

 V Star looks forward to extend its presence in the international market. Currently, V Star products are enjoying good sales in gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Muscat.

V Star Logo FINAL 11-08-14


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