May 30, 2024
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Uyghur activist visa row: India withdraws controversial move  


Citing complications in the visa procedure, the centre government on today has tactically backed from the controversial move to grand visa to Uyghur activist. Earlier, the Indian government had granted visa to Dolkun Isa who is considered as a terrorist in China. As per reports, Chinese government strongly opposed the move and conveyed their concerns to the Indian officials. Meanwhile, there was a speculation that by giving visa to a Chinese terrorist Indian authority was trying to counter the Chinese move with a same coin. Recently, Chinese government quashed the Indian government’s move to label Pakistan terrorist Masood Azhar as a terrorist using its veto power in UN. Furthermore, the time chosen by the Indian government to grand visa to a Chinese terrorist has strengthened the speculation of common public. Meanwhile, it is learned that Mr Dolkun had been given visa to participate a public conference, which is scheduled to happen at Dharmasala on this month. Anyway, the visa department claims that they failed to detect the red-corner notice while providing the visa. At the same time, Mr Dolkun retorts that the Chinese government may have compelled Indian authorities to withdraw the visa. In addition, he expressed regret for creating an unnecessary crisis in the country. Moreover, he said that the government or the visa officials had not given any reason for the unexpected withdrawal of his visa. Mr Dolkun was a prominent leader of Uyghur population in Xinjiang region of China. As per reports, the Chinese government is facing tremendous headache from Uyghur terrorist as they are frequently indulging in confrontation with the state forces. The Uyghur terrorist was given asylum in Germany in early 1990. Still, the Chinese government is continuously trying to arrest this leader. According to media reports, the Uyghur leader had recently requested a written guarantee from Indian government that he would not be arrested in India as he is facing a red-corner notice.



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